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Do you think nobody clicks on ads? Think again. Paid ads are gaining ground in its battle against SEO as to which is the better method when it comes to online marketing. For someone who is looking to buy a particular product or service, paid ads are commonly clicked.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is nearing its domination over SEO when it comes to commercial keyword searches. More online marketers are motivated to shift its focus to PPC advertising because of its engaging ad layouts, high click-through rates, and better return-on-investments. Compared to SEO marketing, PPC advertising is easier to execute, measure, and predict results.

According to a July 2012 U.S. advertisers study (as presented by WordStream Research). PPC advertising accounts for about 64 percent of all clicks involving high commercial intent keyword searches; around 34 percent accounts for clicks from organic, unpaid results. So what does this mean? Based on these statistics, it is highly recommended for business owners and online marketers to gear their PPC advertising strategy toward high commercial intent keywords because this is what most people who are looking to buy click on.

If you would make a search on Google, on the results page, you will see organic PPC results. It takes up around 15 percent of the above-the-fold pixels on the page. Sponsored ads set with high commercial intent keywords, on the other hand, accounts for 85.2 percent of the above-the-fold pixels. Thus, the latter appears predominantly on the search results page, giving it bigger chances of being clicked by online users.

On the average, close to 20 percent of clicks come from the sponsored ads section while only 8.9 percent of the organic ads listing.

Are you a business owner or online marketer? Perhaps you might want to integrate this type of advertising campaign into your overall marketing strategy. PPC advertising can help boost awareness of your online presence.

Why Should You Do PPC?

The Internet is a very crowded environment. For people wanting to make their online presence known throughout the vast Web hemisphere, it can be a huge challenge. The competition for online visibility is an unsparing struggle. However, with PPC advertising along with SEO marketing, gaining prime real estate on the search results page can be a realistic aspiration.

For businesses that are hesitant about getting their hands on PPC advertising, they might be missing much of its potential benefits. If you are still on the fence whether or not to engage in PPC advertising or haven’t given it much thought. Here are a couple of reasons why making a considerable investment in this medium of advertising may be worth your while.

1. The Big Brands are Doing PPC Advertising

Successful businesses are taking on PPC advertising as part of their general marketing strategy. Why? For the simple reason that it drives more revenue compared to what happens if they do not engage in this type of online advertising.

Did you know search ads cover an estimated $9.1 billion in revenue for the first half of 2014? The Interactive Advertising Bureau released that figure. This sum amounts to 39 percent of the total Web advertising income for the period. When revenues derived from the mobile Internet-related search are included, search ad income reached close to $12 billion.

PPC advertising drives real results, which translate to revenues. If big brands are doing it, there is no reason you should not.

2. PPC Advertising is Very Cost-Effective

You pay for the advertising only when a person clicks on the ad. This is contrary to conventional advertising where you need to pay a lump sum amount and hope for the best with the campaign’s success. With PPC advertising, you are spending money only when someone engages with the ad. It is straightforward, and you know where your money is going.

3. PPC Advertising Allows You to Control Your Costs

Are you strapped for cash? With PPC advertising, you get control over your costs. It allows you to put a cap on your spending. This comes handy for business owners or online marketers that have limited advertising budget.

4. PPC Advertising Targets the Intended Consumer

In many cases, conventional online marketing methods do not target a particular consumer group. But with PPC advertising, the campaign is directed at an intended demographic. Equipped with device-specific settings, PPC advertising allows you to reach the target audience at a particular time with the desired ad. With this method, you can deliver distinctive messages at exact times to the envisioned recipients.

5. PPC Advertising Offers Quick Results

Start a PPC advertising campaign today and you will start seeing results by tomorrow. It offers fast results, showing you the trends, Web traffic, and conversion rates.

Starting on PPC Advertising

Does PPC advertising sound promising to you? Do you think you are all set to dive into this mode of online promotion? Get in touch with the professionals. Do not just hire a college student to monitor your account. A good PPC advertising campaign demands sound strategy, solid marketing sense, and creativity.

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