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Have you encountered the term “retargeting”? It is one of the actively discussed themes in today’s online advertising. While it is an established part of Internet marketing idiolect, many marketers are still not familiar with it. For business owners who are active in digital marketing, perhaps this campaign strategy can help spread the word about your brand.

What is Retargeting?

If you are an active online user, you might be familiar with the following scenario. There are instances where you might come across a website that seeks to sell a product or service to you. As you visit, open its pages, you learn about their offerings. But like most people, you leave the website without making a purchase.

However, when you visit another Web page later, you will encounter the former website again via links or ads. You are reminded that you checked out the previous website in the hopes that you visit it again. That is how retargeting works!

Did you know an estimated 2 percent of first-time Web visitors buy from an online store? The primary objective of retargeting is to convert the other 98 percent of window shoppers into buyers.

Retargeting seeks to keep track of the Web visitors and then display the retargeted ads at the other websites they view now and then. This system facilitates the generation of online sales by keeping the brand apparently displayed for easy and convenient clicking on the part of the window-shopping online user.

The desired result in retargeting is to secure traction and gain recognition of the business brand. With high click-through rates comes increased traffic. In turn, this results in a higher probability of sales conversion. Thus, retargeting campaigns that focus on good branding and constant exposure to the targeted audience can lead to customer purchases.

How Does Retargeting Help Businesses?

Retargeting is synonymous to remarketing and is mostly employed alongside other online advertising channels like social media or pay-per-click websites. If you are running a business and seek to generate sales from Web visitors, retargeting can do wonders for you.

As mentioned, only 2 percent of website views are converted to sales on the first visit. With this form of online advertising, retargeting is a way for businesses to reach out to the other 98 percent to get them into buying the products or services offered.

As a cookie-based technology, retargeting makes use of Javascript codes that tracks down the online users. By placing a harmless piece of code, one can follow the Web visitors wherever they may be on the Internet. This code is virtually invisible to the online user.

Once the Web viewer goes to the other websites, this code will signal the retargeting provider to serve the ads. This mechanism allows businesses and marketers to serve ads only to people who have viewed their websites.

Do you want to know why retargeting is very beneficial to you if you are a business owner or marketer? Because it targets people who have visited your website. Retargeting allows you to focus your advertising campaign particularly on the online users who have viewed your Web pages and, probably, are familiar with your brand or the products or services that you offer within.

With an advertising strategy that is centered on the ideal demographic, retargeting provides for a higher return-on-investment than the other conventional modes of digital marketing.

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Retargeting

One of the best practices employed by highly experienced marketers is to allow segmenting of Web visitors. Take this for instance: if a website is offering pants and shoes for sale and they have people looking for both products, the best approach is to segment these individuals. How do you do that? It is recommended that retargeting ads are tailored specifically for the pants-viewing visitors, and another adapted for the shoe-shoppers.

The best retargeting campaign is to retarget specifically a particular demographic. What’s more, highly experienced marketers also believe that having a clear call-to-action can establish some connection with the audience. This paves the way for an easy promotion of an offer.

In addition, one also needs to be conscious of the urgency of the retargeting efforts. There is a time window for each demographic. What we mean by that, you might wonder. For instance, people who are looking to travel needs to be retargeted at the soonest possible time. On the other hand, those shopping for luxury goods can be retargeted later.

When Is Retargeting at Its Most Effective?

Retargeting, by itself, is already a powerful branding and advertising tool. In addition, it is also an amazing conversion optimization channel. However, taking the word from highly experienced marketers, this digital marketing medium is at its most effective if it is employed alongside other online campaign strategies.

When it comes to driving Web traffic, this advertising strategy works best with content marketing, inbound, and outbound marketing and targeted display.

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